The Rossy Park is a petting zoo on 1860m altitude right near the Rosskopf mountain station in Sterzing Vipiteno. Here you are going to find mountain animals like donkeys, pygmy ponies, goats, rabbits and not to forget llamas and alpacas. Children and animal lovers will have a really great time here.

The rabbits hop around in their open-air enclosures, the donkeys enjoy the fresh grass of the meadows, the dwarf sheep are waiting to be cuddled and the funny goats are fascinating with their jump inserts. And which child heart doesn’t beat faster when caressing a little and chubby pygmy pony. 

Rossy Park is open from mid-June to the beginning of September!

Lama trekking for children 

Our lamas and alpacas aren't just waiting in their enclosures to be touched. You can also make a real lama trekking adventure with them. Our Outdoor Center is inviting you to this unique experience on request for your children. For registration please click here