The Dolomieu trail is a real highlight hike in the Rosskopf area and links the two hiking areas to another. Enjoy a beautiful, safe walk along six beautiful mountain huts and pastures and take a look to two unique mountain panoramas. You will also get interesting insights in the local geology and nature, the alpine flora and fauna and last but not least taste the delicious self-made products of the mountain huts.
A real local delight is the Graukäse, a low fat sour milk cheese made by the mountain huts. The cheese will be served in two different ways: with vinegar, oil and onions or simply with fresh mountain butter, which accompanies perfectly the cheesy taste.

The trail starts by the Rosskopf mountain station. The path leads on the left to the Kuhalm and Ochsenalm beneath the Telfer Weissen summit (2588m). Here the trails turns around and is going back to the mountain station and further on to the Kastellacke biotope in direction to the Vallming mountain village. Passing these wonderful pastures the trails goes on to Ladurns and you will get a superb view to the Weißwand summit and the Tribulaun summit.
In Ladurns you can take the cable car to return to the valley bottom or you can follow the trail to the Pflersch valley end, where you will find the two alpine huts Allrissalm and Furtalm, before you return to valley.

But one question remains: Where does the trail’s name come from? The Pflersch valley’s rock world is a real Eldorado for geologists. The noble Frenchmen and geologist Deodat de Dolomieu discovered in the trail’s area a new type of rock in the 18th century. This type was further on called Dolomite. Decades later the term was used to denominate the South Tyrolean mountain chain. 

Length: 23.6 km
Altitude: 630 m
Difficulty: easy
Duration: 7h