A new era is being ushered on Sterzing's local mountain Rosskopf! The now 35 years old, built in 1987, mountain ropeway is currently being rebuilt. The construction will be completed in time for the 2022 winter season  (Re-opening 8.12.2022)! In addition to a new 10-seater gondola lift from the Sterzing ropeway company Leitner, the valley station in the north of the town, as well as the mountain station at 1860 m above sea level will be renewed.  

rosskopf valley station sterzing southtyrol

A milestone for Sterzing and the surrounding area: The Rosskopf cable car is Italy's only cable car that runs over the Brenner highway, and for this very reason it represents a special flagship for the entire region. For the Fugger town of Sterzing, the ski area Rosskopf, with its valley station in the immediate vicinity of the town center, represents an important local recreation zone for both locals and guests. The direct proximity between the town and the mountain ropeway is unique in South Tyrol. Shopping, enjoyment and sporting activities can be optimally combined here. 

New mountain station on Rosskopf

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With the new summer toboggan run, which was already built last year, an important step was taken in the direction of expanding summer operations. In addition to skiing, which was already strengthened in 2018 with the renovation of the panorama lift, the Rosskopf continues to build on the longest illuminated and snow-covered toboggan run in Italy. With the new mountain railroad, Sterzing and Rosskopf continue to move consistently in the direction of modernization and further development.