The water experience path leads you from the Rosskopf mountain station to Vipiteno/Stering in the valley bottom. Get insights to the production of the local drinking water. Experience the course of the water from the mountain to your cup.

You can pursue the way of the water from the ground filter model to the reservoir of the fresh water supply. Along the tour you have also various possibilities to taste the quality of the different sources. The so called stomach source (Magenwasserle) or the Herrentisch source will refresh you with cool natural mountain water. Some old traditions recognize them also a positive impact on men’s health. The children could play on the water playground in the meantime and enjoy the power of the wet element.

The highlight will surprise you just before the end of the tour. You will get access to the Vipiteno/Sterzing water power plant and fresh water supply. The exhibition plant produces electricity for about 200 households. In the final trail part you will see also the ancient Wolfenmühle mill.